I’m NOT medicating my child!

I have been one of those parents that have never planned on medicating my children (with the exceptions of when they are sick).  You know when they say, “never say never”.  Oh boy how our lives have changed!

While I still believe that you should try all options before medicating a child for things like ADHD and Depression.  For my son, we eliminated all red dyes and had great improvement, but it wasn’t a perfect fix.  I also cook 90% of the food from scratch in my home, so all my kids have a decent diet.  I have always tried to have a few preservatives and additives as I could in our families diet.  But after trying all other possible ideas (diet, punishments, rewards), something had to change.

My son was getting violent.  He would bang his head on the floor, break books, clipboard and crumble paper.  It got bad enough that he even flipped desks, tables and chairs.  I didn’t know what my child had become.  So first, we were able to send him to an alternative school that dealt with children with behavioral issues.  While there, we had his past and current teachers use the Vanderbilt Assessment Scale to assess my child.  My husband and I also rated him.  He had ADHD and nothing we did at home was going to help him without trying medication.  His therapist (who we had him see because of his behavior) also felt that he could be suffering from depression and general anxiety disorder.   Along with his pediatrician, we started him on Concerta.*  After a few weeks of working with his teachers, his doctors and his therapist, we found the right dose.  It was like a prayer was answered.  Still, he was not in the best place he should be.  We continued on for a while working with his team and decided to add Zoloft* and Lamictal*.  The dose amounts had to be worked with, but in the end, we have an amazing boy who is doing increasingly better.  For now we are dealing with behaviors that have become habits for him and working with his therapist to create the best person we now he can be.

If you are afraid of medication, don’t be.  Use an open mind and talk to your medical professionals that can help you determine what is best for your child.  Up until now, as I am typing this, it has taken over 3 years to get to this point.  Nothing is an overnight fix. Be patient and do what is best to help you raise the best person you can!


*This is not an advertisement, but just what worked for my child.  For informational purposes only.


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