Awesome Con DC is Awesome at ADA

I have not posted over the weekend for an amazing reason!  My family LOVES SciFi and my husband loves comic books and my kids love anime!  AwesomeCon has all of this and so much more!!!!  Since Awesome Con is run by volunteers, I volunteered and had a AWESOME time!!!  Not only did I meet two of my favorite actors, David Tennat and Catherine Tate from Doctor Who fame), but my daughter had an amazing time and it was because of the amazing features they had for those with emotional disablitities.  Most conventions like this, and other large events, have resources in place for those with visual, audio and physical disabilities.  What AwesomeCon did this weekend absolutely amazed me!  And it was a pleasant surprise!

I do not have anxiety and I will never pretend to understand it.  I get nervous before speaking to a crowd, but nothing that I would consider that is outside the “norm”.  My daughter and my son have general anxiety disorder.  For my daughter, crowds are okay as long as she can move around, but when crowds get tight… like waiting in line, I worry!!  For my son, noise and crowds are difficult in general.  So much so, that I did not have him attend AwesomeCon this year.  But now that I know what is set up, I will take him next year!!

A booth was set up at the registration area to all with “special needs”.  It was staffed with lovely people who were able to let us know that there was a quiet room available if she needed to get out of the craziness of the convention to relax and calm down.  And if at anytime someone could come and get someone to help if she need assistance on the floor.  Knowing this is a great relief!!  I feel like I can bring my son and he can know that if he is overwhelmed that he can recover without having to leave the event.  (And we have left plenty of places because of his anxiety!)  They also had other things into place to help us along.  So if you have a child with an emotional disability, this is the Sci Fi/Anime/Comic convention that you can feel confident to bring your child too!

I have already let the organizers know how much I appreciated this feature at AwesomeCon!!  It made my daughter’s time at AwesomeCon even better.  She met one of her heroes and I could not wipe the smile off her face!

And as a side note, I am sure that the organizers at AwesomeCon could use volunteers with special abilities to help with this area.  People who are fluent in ASL (American Sign Language), those who deal with any disabilities where someone could use a hand in crowded areas and even those who deal with those with anxiety, like my kids, to help calm them, if needed, when they are overwhelmed.  I would be more than happy to get you in touch with the right people for next year’s AwesomeCon (March 30-April 1, 2018).



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