Doing the Right Thing for Your Kid Sometimes Sucks!

My son’s behavior is hit or miss.  He is a type 1 diabetic and also suffers from ADHD, general anxiety disorder and depression.  His mood can be all over the place.  Sometimes if the wind blows the wrong way, so will his mood.  Because of this, his education suffers.  It is not because he lacks intelligence.  He is actually very bright.  Unfortunately, he does not produce work consistently.  Therefore, his grades suffer.

Since he is moving to middle school next year, we had to make a choice of sending him to his base school along with all of his classmates, or moving him to another school that has an alternative program for children that are dealing with emotional disabilities.  This was a very difficult choice for my husband and I.  We only moved to this area last year and our son just made new friends.  He wants to go to school with is friends and we want the best learning environment.

Tonight we told him that he would be going to the alternative school.  It was the hardest thing I’ve done so far.   He is so mad at us.  He thinks we are doing this to him, but we are doing this for him.

The evening has ended with grunting, stomping, tears, breaking things and the big ending of “I hate you”!  I’m so hurt.  Trying to remember that he is just lashing out and hurt.  But this is when it sucks.  When I am sitting here crying because I can’t give my son what he wants. I know this to shall pass, but for now, I’m having my own pity party.

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