So Glad Your Kid Has Made Honor Roll, but I’m Just Glad My Kid Finished the Year!

Oh how I hate the end of the year awards for school!  Don’t get me wrong, I am actually happy for all of my friends and their children, but it brings me down.  While I’m seeing kids my daughter’s age make honor roll, earn volunteer awards and athletic scholar awards, I’m just happy that more daughter is alive.

This past year has been a rough year for us because of my daughter’s mental illness.  We had been treating her for ADHD and depression for about a year, but things were not right.  She had been cutting and had suicidal thoughts.  A year ago, this week, was the first of 5 hospital stays over this past year.  Finally getting her diagnosis correct made things turn around.  And that wasn’t until the 4th hospital stay when she was diagnosed with bipolar II (bipolar depression) and anxiety.

So while all these kids are coming home with certificates because of their outstanding behavior, my child deserves an award for “Knowing More Coping Skills then the Average Human”!  In all honesty, she really deserves an award for “Most Improved at Living”.  She has really turned things around when it comes to her mental health.  Now to work on school and grades!!!!

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